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aja East Cape Sportfishing Web

  • New article on fishing iron the East Cape way. Also fixed the Baja Inshore article, which was missing some text.
  • Some new species for the Fish ID, along with a better picture of the common East Cape pargo species.
  • Four new recipes.
  • Lots of pictures!


  • New article on daisy chains. Great rigging and trolling tips.
  • The Weather section now links to high resolution (1.1 km) sea surface temperature maps. These are dynamite for seeing the detailed water temperature distribution, showing very clearly temperature breaks, hot spots, etc. that may be holding fish.


  • Added discussion board.


  • Excellent new article, "Hunting for Pez Gallo". A must-read if you're interested in going after roosterfish at the Cape.
  • Added three new Recipes.
  • Added several new game and bait fish to Fish ID.
  • Broke out the Fish ID page into several individual pages for faster loading.
  • Further categorized species on the FIsh ID page by whether or not they were primary game fish or incidental catches.
  • Got rid of the Stories page - nobody was sending any. If any are forthcoming in the future, we'll just link them to the relevant photo.
  • Added Awards page (hey, we've got two!)


  • Added a great Tip on transporting reels.
  • New links on the Fish Calendar to preferred water temperatures by species.
  • Link to fish flavor/texture table on Cooking Tips.
  • More Links.

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