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Baja Fishing

  • Amigos de Baja - THE site for Baja fishing and travel info.
  • Stan Weise's Fishing Page - some nice photos


  • Cheat Sheet for Travelers - Very handy - make a small printout of equivalent dollars/pesos for various handy amounts, and carry this in your wallet on your trip.

General Baja Info

TONS of info related to Baja. Also available on CD-ROM - very handy for looking things up if you take your laptop with you.

  • Baja Links - LOTS of links to Baja-related web sites.
  • - various Baja info, including event calendars, maps, classifieds, etc.
  • Baja Expo - Many link, lots of info, including a section on the East Cape.
  • Baja Dreams - Nice site with various Baja info, including lodging and restaurants.

Fishing Tackle Links

  • Lures International - excellent selection of trolling lures, with some unique heads that provide flash, smoke, etc. Great colors for Baja.
  • Sportfishing Tackle Info - some nice articles and tips, as well as interesting lures.
  • Creative Lure - kits for hand-making your own crankbaits. Very cool!

General Fishing Resources

  • Bluemanna - Australia's premier website for people with active lifestyles.
  • The FisherNet Knots List - Several common and useful knots.
  • Best Fishing Times 1999 - If you believe the moon has anything to do with fish biting, check this out.
  • Virtual Moon Phases - Get the phase of the moon for any date (at least any one you're likely to be fishing!)
  • Kayak Korner - excellent site for kayak fishermen. Includes lots of info on things like fishing locations, reports, weather conditions, kayak reviews, etc.
  • Reel Women Connect - great site dedicated to getting more women involved in fishing. They even arrange trips!

  • Sportfishing with Dan Hernandez - excellent TV show focusing on California and Mexico fishing, also with some locations farther afield, like Alaska.
  • - cool info on float fishing techniques.
  • Fishing Online - Books, videos, and some cool software, as well as a list of Canadian resorts.
  • Big Game Fishing Journal - lots of fishing and conservation info from all over the world.
  • - Fishing-related web resources for every state.
  • The Fish Finder - great index site for fishing-related info on the web.
  • Outdoor Resources - an index of websites for many outdoor-related activities, including fishing.
  • Redrock Outdoors - You're one stop for all types of Outdoor Recreation!

Fishing Cairns - North Queensland, Australia

  • Sports Fishing Page of British Columbia
  • Anglers Online - Fishing reports, tackle shops, Fishing Yellow Pages, chat lines, classified ads, and pictures.

Excellent fishing TV show.

  • Fishing with Shelley & Courtney (TV Show)
  • Hotline Charters/Vancouver

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