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Figure out what you caught (or are hoping to catch, and with what you are hoping to catch it with) with the links below. Note that some fish rapidly lose their colors after dying. Spanish names are given in italics. Relative sizes are not accurate!

Gamefish are separated by offshore and inshore. We've further divided them as "Primary" and "Incidental". Basically "Primary" indicates common species that are directly targeted by anglers. "Incidental" species are those that are caught occasionally while fishing for the Primary species, but usually aren't targeted for a variety of reasons (short season, don't school, etc.) Note that "Primary" doesn't necessarily mean "easy to catch", as in the case of roosterfish or snook.

Information and several pictures are taken from Gar Goodson's excellent book, Fishes of the Pacific Coast, which I highly recommend for more detailed information.

Edibility is based mostly on my own opinion - your mileage may vary. Generally, those fish deemed "excellent" are both flavorful and flexible in terms of preparation. "Good" means it may require some extra work for people who "don't eat fish", and "poor" means throw it back. If you're not a seafood lover, stick to "excellent". Check the Recipes section for more info. Please remember, catch what you'll eat and eat what you catch, and release the rest!

Fish Species by Name (click the link the view picture and other info)

Primary Offshore Game Fish
English Spanish
Dorado,Dolphinfish,Mahi Mahi Dorado
Blue Marlin Marlîn Azul
Striped Marlin Marlîn
Mexican Skipjack Barrilete
Yellowfin Tuna, Ahi Atun
Incidental Offshore Game Fish
English Spanish
Swordfish Pez Espada, Espadon
Wahoo Peto, Guahu
Primary Inshore Game Fish
Amberjack Pez Fuerte
Spotted Cabrilla Cabrilla, Cabrilla Pinta
Grouper Garropa
Jack Crevalle Toro
Roosterfish Pez Gallo
Sierra Mackerel Sierra
Barred Pargo Coconaco
Red Snapper Huachinango
Colorado Snapper Pargo Colorado
Black Snook Róbalo Prieto
Triggerfish Cochi
Incidental Inshore Game Fish
English Spanish
Cortez Halibut Lenguado
Giant Hawkfish Chino Mero
Black Jack, Brown Jack Jurel Negro
Blue Crevalle Jurel Azul
Ladyfish Machete
Pacific Porgy Pez de Pluma
Pacific Pompano Palometa
Gafftopsail Pompano Pámpanito
Paloma Pompano Pámpano
African Pompano, Threadfin,
Yellow Jack, Golden Jack Pompano Rayado
Rainbow Runner Salmón
Yellowtail Snapper Pargo Amariila
Dog Snapper Pargo Prieto
Yellowtail Jurel de Castilla
Bait Fish
English Spanish
Gulf Anchovy Anchoveta
Big Eye Shad Caballito
Bonefish Quijo, Sabalo
Mexican Bonito Bonito
Flying Fish Volador
Goatfish Chivato, Barbon
Mexican Scad Jurel Fino
Green Jack Baracutas
Mackerel Macarela
Mullet Lisa
Needlefish Agujon
Flatiron Herring Sardina
Stripe Grunts Riaditos

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