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Here's some pictures of fish caught at the East Cape. Click on an image to view the full-sized version.

Contribute your photos, and we'll put them on this page! Just e-mail them as attachments to, along with any pertinent info (species, weight/size, angler name, date caught, etc). We can handle most formats, and will convert to 72 dpi JPEGs and thumbnails. If a good story goes along with your photo, please include it and we'll post it with your picture.

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A nice tuna of 50+.
Angler: Phillip Grove, November 2000

422-lb. blue marlin.
Angler: El Yeti, July 2000

Big blue marlin comes to leader, one of 25 times. Polo, the deckhand aboard El Dorado, sacrificed his body for this fish.

Monster 240-lb. yellowfin, along with a younger cousin.
Angler: Ken "Killer" Aioki, July 2000

Est. 60-lb. yellowfin
Angler: El Yeti, July 2000

"Flying Saucer" triggerfish
Angler: Ken "Killer" Aioki, July 2000

Big bad "hen", estimated 40 lbs.
Angler: Ken "Killer" Aioki, July 2000

Future skipper Valentin with a 20-lb. dorado.

Beverly Wasch (wife to Mike Wasch from Fisherman's Heaven) with a great shallow water pargo.

Kevin Erickson from the TV show Fisherman's Heaven, with a nice tuna. Look for their upcoming episode on the East Cape!

Alex Pope and his first marlin. This fish died during the fight.

First marlin, and only seven years old!
Angler: Alex Pope, May 2000

Debbie with her striper, Est. BIG!
Anglers: Debbie and Melissa, May 11, 2000

Debbie (Buzz's wife) fights a big marlin, while Melissa gets ready to take a turn.

Great action shot! Est. 140-lb. striped marlin leaps right off the stern.
Angler: Buzz, May 11, 2000

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