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Grilled Fish Yucatan Style
Ingredients: 1 4 lb Red Snapper, cleaned
2 limes, juiced
2 limes, cut into wedges
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
4 dried ancho chiles (fresh green chiles may be substituted)
3 Tbsp peanut oil
4 dried pequin chiles
3 garlic cloves
Boiling Water
Black Pepper
Coarse Salt
1. Pour lime juice over skin and body cavity of fish, and allow to marinate.
2. Soak the chiles in boiling water for 30 minutes.
3. Place the plumped chiles in a blender along with garlic, oil, and red wine vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste, and puree.
4. When coals are ready, smear the puree over the outside and body cavity of fish. Grill, basting occasionally with additional oil. Turn once. Fish is done when meat flakes easily with a fork.