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Old Photos Page 2

Here's some pictures of fish caught at the East Cape. Click on an image to view the full-sized version.

Contribute your photos, and we'll put them on this page! Just e-mail them as attachments to, along with any pertinent info (species, weight/size, angler name, date caught, etc). We can handle most formats, and will convert to 72 dpi JPEGs and thumbnails. If a good story goes along with your photo, please include it and we'll post it with your picture.

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Est. 40-lb. dorado. Great colors!
Angler: Buzz, May 11, 2000

Est. 55 lb. dorado
Angler: Miguel, April 2000

A good shot showing why you need wire leaders with sierra.

Sierra of 10 and 8 lbs.
Angler: Miguel, April 2000

A couple of nice diantonas and a fat whitefish
Angler: Miguel, April 2000

150 lb. striper, taken on 30 lb. test
Angler: El Yeti, April 2000

Striper still on the run
Angler: El Yeti, April 2000

150 lb. striper makes a break for it
Angler: El Yeti, April 2000

40 lb. dorado, taken on a black and purple Zuker
Angler: Kathleen Barker, April 2000

100 lb. sailfish, taken on 25 lb. spinning gear with a sardina
Angler: Hugh Barker, April 2000

50 lb. rooster.

Pretty hen dorado, est. 30 lbs.
Angler: Jim Niemic, 11/1999

A trophy roosterfish, estimated at 50 lbs.
Angler: Sue Poland, 6/1999

These guys whacked some serious dorado
Anglers: Colin Dowling, Bruce Kavin, Joaquin Kavin, 11/1999

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